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IcLT (Intercultural Language Teachers) are professional teachers capable of both childcare and language teaching.


Our association develops IcLT teachers and also provides children with language learning opportunities in a home or school environment.


We nurture an environment where individual differences are respected and tailored to language education in multicultural situations. 



Every native foreign language possesses its own cultural history, unique details we learn when living in (or studying) in that country.



Our ambition is to teach not only the language but their unique cultural traits.


Our goal is to encourage cultural diversity and through this knowledge, mutual respect towards a more tolerant global community.



IcLT  (Intercultural Language Teachers)

 IcLT Qualifications:

If you have completed Early Childhood Education and Care Course of more than 18 months at university or at technical college, and also if you are interested in working as a Language teacher in Japan, click here.




IcLT association aims to widen the child's cultural identity through;


 ・a foreign language immersion program.

 ・reading aloud from textbooks

 ・certification of associate teachers who have completed 

        both an "Early Childhood and Care" qualification and 

        acquired a foreign language with IcLT's range of care.


Teachers will show a wide historical cross-cultural understanding

that may extend beyond the English speaking world.



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